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Crowdfunding Campaign finished!

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Dear all,

With your warm support in this crowdfunding campaign we will be able to finance our third album! You reached tthe goal! Thank you all for believing in our work! The CD “Fade to Shade” is going to happen.


Nicole Eitner

16 de Novembro no OndaJazz em Lisboa

16 de Novembro no OndaJazz em Lisboa

We are recording the third album .

We prepared some rewards for your support. Check it out here:



1 de Novembro ALFAMA

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Nicole Eitner and The Citizens

Nicole Eitner and The Citizens


Velvet Agosto 2013 net

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fabrica 8 de Junho 2013 net

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20 de Abril 2013


fabrica 20 abril 2013 netFábrica Braço de Prata

Sala Nietzsche

a meio da noite: 0.30h


Nicole Eitner + Viviena Tupikova + Alexandre Frazão + Miguel Menezes